KASNEB Accredited Institutions New List 2023!

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What is accreditation?

KASNEB Accredited Institutions. Accreditation is the recognition from an accrediting agency that an institution maintains a certain level of educational standards. KASNEB Accredited institutions are institutions that are recognized by KASNEB to have met institutional requirements to provide high-quality education.

Kasneb Accredited Institutions
Kasneb Accredited Institutions

Accreditation Guidelines to be KASNEB Accredited Institutions

Core requirements for accreditation

The core requirements are broad quality statements that express KASNEB’s basic expectation of training institutions seeking accreditation to be KASNEB Accredited Institutions. The requirements serve as general guidelines since training institutions will be expected to adhere to the detailed Standards of Accreditation presented in Part II of these guidelines.

To be one of the KASNEB Accredited Institutions, a training institution shall provide documented evidence to the effect that the institution:

  • Is registered with the relevant Ministry or established by an Act of Parliament, and/or any other regulatory authorities as appropriate.
  • Has an effective governance and administration structure designed to promote institutional integrity, autonomy, and flexibility of operations.
  • Has an adequate number of qualified and competent teaching and administrative staff to facilitate the delivery of uninterrupted learning programs to students.
  • Has adequate and appropriate lecture halls/classrooms and staff common room(s).
  • Has a library that is suitably and adequately stocked.
  • Has adequate and appropriate technological resources, particularly where the institution trains in ICT courses examinable by KASNEB.
  • Has other physical and sanitation facilities which are adequate and of appropriate quality.
  • Has a sound financial base and demonstrated financial stability to support its programs and services.
  • Has put in place systems to safeguard finances and other monies collected on behalf of KASNEB.
  • Has developed policies and procedures for the selection, appraisal, and development of the teaching and administrative staff and assessment of student’s performance and progress.
  • Has an internal quality assurance system aimed at ensuring continuous evaluation and improvement of institutional policies, processes, and procedures.

Click here to download the accreditation guidelines.


Benefits of being KASNEB Accredited Institutions

1 Accreditation improves education outcomes and mitigates risks.

People understandably expect to receive a high-quality education. General accreditation programs improve the quality of education and educational outcomes. Standardization of academic practices, which can be achieved by participating in accreditation, results in better academic outcomes.

2-Accreditation identifies strengths and gaps in your programs and processes.

It’s important to know which programs and processes work and which ones don’t. That way, you can focus on what needs to be improved while keeping an eye on what works to make sure it keeps working in the future.

When proper programs and processes are missing, service can be slow or inaccurate, affecting academic outcomes. Accreditation reveals what’s missing from the school’s programs and processes.

Accreditation focuses attention on the areas of greatest need (for example, library, qualified tutors, and links with employers). Hence KASNEB Accredited Institutions, have identified gaps and filled them.

3-Accreditation promotes communication and staff empowerment across organizations.

Accreditation gives each person a better understanding of how they contribute to their organization’s mission. In KASNEB Accredited Institutions, communication between staff and between learners and staff is efficient hence empowering all stakeholders.

It’s helpful to know the role each person plays on a team. When people and organizations communicate well, they can share best practices and find opportunities to make learning more conducive.

4-Accreditation fosters a culture of quality and safety.

Your organization’s culture matters. It helps determine how your staff approach their jobs. Are they motivated or disengaged? A culture that’s focused on quality and safety promotes an engaged atmosphere where communication and learning are key.

Studies have found that when the staff sees the positive outcomes of a well-run accreditation process, they want to continue making improvements together. That’s what a positive culture of quality and results looks like. Accreditation can help you get there. This is one pillar of being one of the KASNEB Accredited Institutions.

5-Accreditation can decrease risks and liability costs.

Financial benefits of accreditation that have been cited over time are improved operational efficiency and reduced liability cases. Accreditation tells insurers and the public that you value safety and that you’ve made a commitment to best practices and regulatory requirements. KASNEB Accredited Institutions are likely to easily get more learners than non-accredited institutions.

So if you want to identify gaps and work to fix them, use accreditation to measure your performance.

KEBS signs MOU with KASNEB for certification of quality practitioners. In the photo, on the left is Lt Col (Rtd.) Bernard Njiraini Managing Director Kenya Bureau of Standards, on the right, is Dr. Nicholas K. Letting Chief Executive Officer KASNEB. Source: KASNEB Page

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Accreditation Procedure: KASNEB Accredited Institutions

Do you have an institution that you wish to accredit? Partner with KASNEB in empowering professionals by applying for accreditation

Institution Application Forms (KASNEB Accredited Institutions)

  1. Institutional Self-Evaluation Form: This is your self-assessment and appraisal matter for purposes of quality matter. This prepares an institution on what to expect during the actual accreditation process. To download the form click here.
  2. Application Form for Accreditation of Universities: This form is to be completed by institutions of higher learning in Kenya. To download the form click here.
  3. Accreditation of Non-university Training Institutions: This form is to be filled out by institutions other than higher learning institutions offering training in KASNEB courses. Your recognition ensures a basic level of quality in education is realized. To download the form Click here.

KASNEB Accredited Institutions

This list is not final, since the accreditation process is a continuous process, the list will be updated from time to time to accommodate newly accredited institutions and those that have been dropped.

Accreditation status of Training Institutions. (KASNEB Accredited Institutions)

A. Institutions Granted Full Accreditation (KASNEB Accredited Institutions)

1. ACK Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development Studies – Mombasa

2. Bartek Institute – Eldama Ravine

3. Bomet College of Accountancy – Bomet

4. Bumbe Technical – Busia

5. Butere Technical and Vocational College – Butere

6. Co-operative University of Kenya, Karen Campus -Nairobi

7. Cornerstone and Luthien Advisory – Rwanda

8. Dominion Training Institute – Bungoma

9. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies – Nairobi

10. Elgon View College -Eldoret

11. Embu College of Professional Studies – Embu

12. Excel Institute of Professionals – Thika

13. Fomic Polytechnic – Douala, Cameroon

14. Friends College Kaimosi Institute of Technology – Kaimosi

15. Garissa University -Garissa

16. Gretsa University – Thika

17. Institut Professsionell De Certification – Douala, Cameroon

18. Jogima Business School – Ongata Rongai

19. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Main Campus – Juja

20. Kabarak University TVET Institute – Nakuru

21. Kaiboi Technical Training Institute – Eldoret

22. Kaimosi Friends University College – Kaimosi

23. KCA Technical College – Nairobi (Programmes Assessment)

24. KCA University, Main Campus – Nairobi

25. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies – Nairobi

26. Kenya Technical Trainers College – Nairobi

27. Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology – Kiambu

28. Kings College of Accountancy – Eldoret

29. Kisii University – Kisii

30. Lukenya University College – Mtito Andei

31. Machakos Institute of Technology – Machakos

32. Mahanaim Education Centre – Nairobi

33. Marist International University College – Karen

34. Masai Mara Technical and Vocational College – Narok

35. Maseno University, Kisumu Campus – Kisumu

36. Maseno University, Main Campus – Maseno

37. Mawego Technical Training Institute – Oyugis

38. Memon College – Mombasa

39. Michuki Technical Training Institute – Murang’a

40. Mukurwe-Ini Technical Training Institute – Mukurwe-Ini

41. Multimedia University of Kenya – Nairobi

42. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies – Ongata Rongai Campus

43. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies – Ruiru

44. Nishkam Saint Puran Singh Institute – Kericho

45. PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute- Nairobi

46. Pioneer International University – Nairobi

47. Regional Centre of Management – Nairobi

48. Rift Valley Institute of Business Studies – Nakuru

49. Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology -Bungoma

50. Shanzu Teachers Technical Training College – Mombasa

51. Siaya Institute of Technology – Siaya

52. St. Anne’s Catholic Institute – Nyahururu

53. St. Jude’s Technical College – Mumias

54. St. Mary’s Secretarial College – Isiolo

55. St. Paul’s University – Limuru

56. Star College of Management Studies – Nairobi

57. Star Institute of Professionals – Mombasa

58. Strathmore Institute of Management and Technology- Nairobi

59. Summit Institute of Professionals Ltd – Nairobi

60. Taita Taveta University – Taita Taveta

61. The Eldoret National Polytechnic – Eldoret

62. The Kabete National Polytechnic – Nairobi

63. The Kisumu National Polytechnic – Kisumu

64. The Management University of Africa – Nairobi

65. The Meru National Polytechnic – Meru

66. The Sigalagala National Polytechnic – Kakamega

67. Traction School of Governance and Business – Nairobi

68. Turkana University College – Turkana

69. Umma University – Kajiado

70. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton – Kapsabet

71. University of Kigali – Rwanda

72. Vision Institute of Business Studies – Mombasa

73. Wote Technical Training Institute – Wote

B. Institutions Granted Interim Accreditation (KASNEB Accredited Institutions)

1. Aberdare Institute of Management – Karatina

2. Aldai Technical Training Institute – Kapsabet

3. Alupe University – Busia

4. Brighter College -Ongata Rongai

5. Don Bosco Technical Institute – Kakuma

6. Imani Marianists Chaminande Training Centre – Nairobi

7. Imani Marianists Maria Training Centre – Nairobi

8. Institute of Pensions Management– Nairobi

9. Key Centre of Excellence – Nairobi

10. Kisiwa Technical Training Institute – Bungoma

11. KM Business School – Yaounde, Cameroon

12. Konoin Technical Training Institute – Mogogosiek

13. Meru Institute of Business Studies – Meru

14. Participatory Development Centre, Juba – South Sudan

15. Profia Institute of Professionals – Homabay

16. Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development – Nairobi

17. Sphereshine College – Kibwezi

18. St. Andrew’s College of Theology and Development, Kabare – Kerugoya

19. St. Francis Technical Training Institute – Asumbi

20. Transafric Accountancy and Management College – Thika

21. Tumaini Institute of Management Studies – Nairobi

22. Turkana College of Technical and Business Studies – Lodwar

23. Vast College of Accounting and Finance – Lodwar

24. Vision Empowerment Training Institute – Nairobi

25. Ziwa Technical Training Institute – Eldoret

C. Institutions Awaiting Accreditation Assessment (KASNEB Accredited Institutions)

1. African International University, Karen – Nairobi

2. Daystar University – Nairobi

3. DIMA College – Nairobi

4. Eclipse College, Wamba – Samburu

5. Eldo Mwangaza Institute of Accountancy and Commercial Studies – Eldoret

6. Fortune Institute of Professional Studies – Murang’a

7. Frantz Fanon University – Somaliland

8. Gatanga Technical Vocational College – Murang’a

9. Hallmark Institute of Professionals – Nairobi

10. Institute of Community Development/Centre for Accountancy and Business

Management -Nairobi

11. International University of Excellence, Bujumbura – Burundi

12. Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies – Mombasa

13. Kenya Methodist University – Nairobi Campus

14. Kenya School of Law – Nairobi

15. Kingdom Business School -Nairobi

16. Kitengela Institute of Management Studies – Kitengela

17. Koitalel Samoei University College – Mosoriot

18. Mathioya Technical and Vocational College, Murang’a

19. Nuria College – Wajir

20. Okame Technical and Vocational Institute- Busia

21. Path Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship – Kitengela

22. Red Sea University – Somalia

23. S.C.L.P Samaj Australian College – Nairobi

24. Somali Institute of Professionals – Somalia

25. Tharaka University – Marimanti

26. University of Eldoret – Eldoret

27. Vision Empowerment Training Institute, Nairobi

Source: Kasneb Accredited Institutions

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