Top 15 PSC TVET Trainer Interview Questions and How to Answer Them Successfully

Here are the sample PSC TVET Trainer Interview Questions
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PSC TVET trainer interview questions are designed to assess your level of expertise in technical and vocational education and training.

We hope you have gone through this post: How to Succeed During the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews.

If you have not, kindly go through it before you read this post.

Basically, you can answer successfully the questions, but without proper interview conduct, you will not get hired. How to have a proper answer to PSC TVET Trainer Interview Questions during the interview.

If you are applying for a PSC TVET trainer job, it is crucial to be prepared for the interview process. In this article, we will go over the top 15 PSC TVET trainer interview questions and provide tips on how to answer them successfully.

What to expect during the PSC TVET trainer interviews

Nothing but questions, in most cases. You attend interviews to be interviewed!

During this PSC TVET trainer interview, expect questions (PSC TVET Trainer Interview Questions) from the following people:

  • Principal of the interviewing institution
  • Chairperson/member of the council
  • Your area expert
  • Any other member of the interviewing panel.

Each of the panelists will have different sample questions varying from one institution to another although some, including current affairs, could be similar.

Sample questions to expect from the Principals and How to answer them

This is a sensitive area. Remember the Principal is going to be your immediate boss at your workstation. His/her questions will be centered on individual character. Your overall behavior will determine your future relationship with your immediate boss.

No.Sample QuestionHow to Answer it
1.What is your experience in teaching vocational or technical courses?Here, the Principal wants to know if you have ever taught a TVET course or not.
Guide to Answer: You can discuss your previous teaching experience, including the courses you taught and the institutions where you taught them. You may also want to mention any relevant certifications or training you have received.
2. How do you ensure that your teaching style meets the diverse needs of your students?Remember the World is migrating to inclusive training. Answer this part keenly. Find a TVET trainer to guide you before the interview.
Guide to Answer: You can discuss the different learning styles and needs of students and how you adapt your teaching style to accommodate them. You can also mention any strategies you have used in the past to differentiate instruction or provide additional support to students who need it.
3.What methods do you use to assess student learning and progress?Guide to Answer: You can discuss the different assessment methods you use, such as quizzes, tests, projects, and presentations, and how you use them to evaluate student learning and progress. You can also mention any strategies you use to provide feedback to students and help them improve their performance.
4.How do you create a positive learning environment in your classroom?Guide to Answer: You can discuss the different strategies you use to create a positive learning environment, such as building relationships with students, establishing clear expectations, and providing opportunities for student collaboration and feedback.

Note: You might be asked the question below.

Question: What are your long-term career goals in the field of vocational or technical education?

Guide to Answer: You can discuss your long-term career goals and how they relate to your passion for vocational or technical education. You can explain the steps you are taking to achieve those goals, such as pursuing additional training or certifications, and how you hope to make a positive impact on your students and your field.
Possible exact answer: You can say, “I want to be in the top management team or to be a Principal like you.”

You can find more questions at MockQuestions.com

Sample PSC TVET Trainer Interview Questions from the Chairperson of the Council

The board chair or members usually asks questions that are individual or related to the current technologies, based on your area of expertise.

Check expected the sample questions below:

No. Expected QuestionExpected Answer
1.Hello Mr. Johnson.
Tell us about yourself.
This is a crucial question. Stop talking too much. Be brief.
Guide to Answer:
Past: Provide a brief overview of your career journey.
Present: Discuss your current career situation, as it relates to the job opportunity.
Future: Talk about your career aspirations and how this future opportunity is a fit.
2. Why do you want a career as a vocational education trainer?Guide to Answer: Your answer should revolve around the following:
-Professional development
-Job security
-Making a difference to students
-Community involvement
3. Assuming your major is Mechatronic Engineering, you can be asked:
State 5 applications of Mechatronic Engineering in a real-life situation.
Define the term Mechatronic Engineering.
Guide to Answer: Just go on and list the real-life applications to know.
You can as well define the term as your profession dictates.
4. In reference to your previous job/experience, if given this offer, how will our students benefit?Guide to Answer: Here, if you were working in the industry, just mention how you will integrate your previous work into your current workplace to benefit the students.

Sample questions from your area of expertise

Here, will not dig in too much. The PSC TVET advert has 1300 advertised positions with over 50 different professions.

The questions could be uncountable.

For instance, if your major is Mechanical Engineering, production option, expect the following questions in the interview:

No.Sample QuestionExpected Answer
1.State 5 lathe machining operations.Guide to Answer: You are expected to go straight and list them accurately.
2.What is cold drawing in cable production?Guide to Answer: Briefly in one sentence, define cold drawing in reference to cable production.
3.Why do we use bench vices in the workshop?Guide to Answer: Just say the uses of bench vices.

If your major is Mechatronic, Electrical Control and Instrumentation Engineering, expect the following questions in the PSC TVET Trainer interviews:

No.Sample QuestionsExpected Answers
1.Differentiate between a sensor and a transducer.Guide to Answer: Just know their definitions and state one example from each.
2. State the difference between open-loop and closed-loop systems. State real-life examples for each.Guide to Answer: You should know what an open-loop system is, as well as a closed-loop system. Be brief.
3.What are the applications of Mechatronic Engineering in a supermarket? Guide to Answer: Here, you asked to name any system that is fully mechatronic and used in the supermarket.
4.List 3 programming languages used to code a PLC kit. Guide to Answer: Just mention them e.g. Ladder logic, Instruction list, Logic Gates, etc.

A piece of advice for you, have a vast knowledge of your area of expertise. The question could be from anywhere.

Be brave, brief, and precise while answering those questions. Research before you get into the interview room.


We have provided you with a guide and insight for the probable questions that might re-occur during the PSC TVET interviews. PSC TVET Trainer Interview Questions will vary from one course to another.
Do not fear! Attend the interviews and you will excel.

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