How To Succeed During The PSC TVET Trainer Interviews. (2023)

How to succeed in the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews
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PSC TVET Trainer Interviews have various stages to undergo before you get recruited.

Step 1 (application) and Step 2 (shortlisting) are over!

Congratulations on being shortlisted to attend the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews. You made it!

How will you know that you have been shortlisted for the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews?

From the article: TVET PSC Trainer Shortlisting: Criteria to be Followed, successful candidates had to be notified through the following means:

  • Invitation letters
  • Telephone calls and sms
  • emails-where applicable.

Below is an example of an email that you are likely going to receive inviting you to attend the interview.

PSC TVET Trainer Interviews

From the Image above, the subject is very clear:

Subject of the email:

Source: Anonymous Recruiter

What about the contents of the invitation email?

The email will look like the example provided below.

Some invitation emails will contain attachments as shown above while others will just contain the subject and message, as is in the normal emails.

The example is shown below.

Just in case you fail to get an sms or a call, check your email in both your primary inbox and spam box.

Now that you have received the invitation to attend the interview, what is next?

What will you expect during the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews’ day?

Get to know the interview location and exact room. Just get there and familiarize yourself with the environment as you interact with your fellow interviewees.

You need to expect the following:

  • Meet with the interview panel: You will likely be introduced to the interview panel, which may consist of HR professionals, subject matter experts, and trainers or supervisors from the organization. They may ask you to introduce yourself and provide some background information about your education, work experience, and qualifications.
  • Answer interview questions: You will likely be asked a series of interview questions related to your experience, qualifications, teaching style, and approach to training. These questions may be behavioral or situational and may be designed to assess your fit with the organization’s culture and values.
  • Provide references: The interview panel may ask you to provide references, such as former colleagues or supervisors, who can speak to your training experience and capabilities.

Overall, the purpose of the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews’ Day is to assess your suitability for the role of a TVET trainer and determine whether you have the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to be successful in the role.

Who will likely be on the PSC TVET interview panel?

During the interview, the following persons will likely be the panelists:

  • The Principal or Deputy Principal from the Institution you had applied for the job.
  • Chairperson or member of the council team.
  • One member from the Ministry of Education–State Department of Technical Vocational and Educational Training (TVET).
  • One or two more members from the institution’s management team.
  • One or two subject experts. They will ask questions based on your area of specialization.
  • Secretary, to record the minutes.
  • Other members that will be appointed to assist during the interview.

PSC TVET Trainer Interviews Procedure

Now that you are in the interview area. What is the next step?
Be informed that before the interview commences, you will have to do registration at the designated area.

The registration process helps in determining the person that will start and end the interview.

NB: The registration process is guided by your time of arrival at the interview venue!

Note that the interviews for all categories might take place on the same day or be allocated to different days, depending on the total number of candidates invited to attend.

Important Documents to carry during the TVET Trainer Interviews

This is where we usually get it wrong. Many candidates end up blaming and branding the PSC recruitment system as corrupt or crooked.

Ensure you have checked the availability of all your documents before getting into the interview room!

Carry with you the following documents into the interview room:

  • Your Original and Copy of National ID. At this stage, do not go there to prove a point by presenting your travel passport. This is a competitive process.
  • Have original and copies of your academic certificates. Do not forget to carry a certificate in computer packages even if you have a degree or HND in IT or Computer science. Those are added advantage certificates.
  • Have a printed copy of your latest updated CV. Remember the panelists will also have a COPY of your CV that you used to apply for the job.
  • Have the original and copies of your recommendation letters. Experience in this job selection is key! Prove that you are the most suitable candidate for the job.
  • For those interviewing for technical subjects with registration boards like EBK, the Dentists Board, Technicians Council, etc, remember to carry your professional certification documents. This is very important! Without it, you become less competitive with your colleague.
  • The last one might sound funny but! If you have been a trainer on council terms elsewhere, kindly try to get into that interview with your subject notes. That is a tip! When you succeed, then come back and like this article and subscribe to Busianpost.com.

How to get into the TVET Trainers Interview Hall/Room

Remember the rules of interviews.

Do the following when you are called to get into the interview hall:

  • Check your dress code. Be officially smart. Do not overdress–you know what I mean. If you don’t, ask in the comment section below.
  • Get into the interview room while holding your documents arranged in order (will explain below).
  • Wait until one of the panelists welcomes you to sit i.e. that is not your house that you get in and sit without being welcomed.
  • Now that you are seated, wait for the next instructions before you introduce yourself. In short, be gentle.

How you will arrange your documents during the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews

During the PSC TVET Trainers Interviews, some institutions will not ask you to provide copies of academic and professional documents. But remember to carry all your original documents during the interview.

Arrange them in the following order:

Item No. Item Description
1Your original National identification card
2Your original Academic certificates (Starting with your degree or HND, then KCSE Cert,……)
3A printed copy of your latest updated CV. Capture only information relevant to the job advert.
4Have original copies of your recommendation letters from your previous employers.
5Have original copies of your professional documents. This may include certificates from registration boards, certificates from short courses etc.
6Your subject notes (for those already doing training jobs). This is optional, remember.

How to conduct yourself while in the interview room

This is where the majority of us get it wrong. You could be the only candidate but fail to secure the chance.

Your conduct during the interview matters a lot. If you want something from the panelists, use courteous language. Be polite while making your requests.

Remember, there is more than one panelist in the interview room. each of them is provided with a mark sheet to record their marks during the process.
Your final overall score will be determined by the average computed from all the available panelists. Your actions might mess you up.

Remember to maintain eye contact with each and every panelist that will engage at that particular time.

How to answer the questions during the PSC TVET Interviews

Mr. know it all, this is not your time to shine.

In the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews, precision and accuracy are key.

When asked a question, answer it with accuracy and precision. This is not Geography that you will answer by hoovering around until you get the right answer.

You do not have enough time to talk and talk and talk. Each candidate will have a limited time of 5-15 minutes.

Demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and your answers will only be summaries of your accrued knowledge.

Please, if are asked a question and you seem not to get the immediate answer, just respond by saying, “I am sorry. I don’t know or I have forgotten.”

Answer each and every question while maintaining eye contact with the person who asked it.

What to do when the PSC TVET interview questions are over?

Panelists might be done with asking their questions.

In this interview, panelists might give you a chance to ask them a question. Avoid asking petty questions like, “Do I look smart?” “Will I get this job?”
Ask them questions like:

What has been my general conduct in this interview?

Have conducted myself well during this interview?

Whar areas do I need to improve on? So that it will be beneficial in my next interviews just in case I do not succeed.

Take their feedback positively.

After you are done asking the questions, wait for the instructions from one of the panelists to thank you for attending the interview. You also replicate the same before matching out of the interview room.

Remember to go with your documents. You may need them in the next interview.

The information above is from experience.


In our next post, we are going to provide you with possible questions asked during the PSC TVET Trainer Interviews.
Most of them have a higher chance to appear during the interview.

Success in your recruitment process.

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