The 12 Kenya Number Plates You Have Never Understood

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Kenya Number Plates: Every car owner in Kenya is required to have a registered number plate that serves as their identification. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles in Kenya registers each vehicle based on its individual identity and group purpose. In Kenya, there are 12 different kinds of license plates, and understanding them is crucial.

Kenya Number Plates

A comprehensive list of every unique number plate accessible in Kenya is provided below. You may also have noticed different number plates on various vehicles and wondered why they were unique.

12 Types of Number Plates in Kenya You Need to know are:

1. Civilian Vehicles (Kenya Number Plates)

Public transportation is a widely used form of transportation on Kenyan roadways. Their license plates have a yellow or square number plate on the back fender and a white oblong number plate on the front bumper.

The number plate starts with the initial K, then has two additional letters, a three-digit number, and finally another letter. On a white or yellow backdrop, they are written in black.

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2. Government of Kenya Number Plates

Vehicles with the government of Kenya license plates include police sedans and ministry vehicles. Civil servants primarily use it.

The number plate begins with the initial GK, followed by three digits, and then a letter.

3. County Government (Kenya Number Plates)

Vehicles used by the county administration are uniquely numbered for easy identification. For county government license plates, the style is County Code followed by the letter CG, then three digits, and finally a letter.

4. County Governors (Kenya Number Plates)

There is a unique number plate for county Bosses’ vehicles. The Number plate starts with the initial GVN followed by three digits representing county code and finally a letter.

Nakuru Governor’s vehicle left and Nakuru County’s vehicle Right

5. Parastatals and Government Institutions

These are businesses, hospitals, public schools, universities, and colleges run by the government of Kenya, as well as commissions, companies, and other groups.

These vehicles’ number plates are identical to those on civilian vehicles, but they differ in the background. The generation plates are written in white on a backdrop of deep blue.

6. Customized Kenya Number Plates

A vehicle owner has the ability to purchase expensively customized number plates. A personalized license plate with a distinctive name on it will cost you up to one million Kenyan Shillings, similarly.

7. Diplomatic Corps (Kenya Number Plates)

These are particular vehicles that are based in Kenya and pertain to foreign embassies. Also, diplomatic number plates are provided to embassies as a symbol of recognition of Kenya as an Independent state. Evidently, they are written in white hue against a red backdrop.

Their format is usually a number followed by the initials CD which is again followed by a number and ends with the letter K.

CD- This is an abbreviation for Diplomatic Corps (Corps Diplomatique) and K indicates that the embassy is based in Kenya.

Diplomatic Number plates

8. International Non-Governmental Organisation

International Non-Governmental Organizations currently have a special category of license plates with numbers that begin with KX and are written against a red backdrop.

9. Kenya Defence Forces Number Plates

The Kenya Defense Forces’ distinctive license plates follow worldwide military numbering standards. KDF license plates don’t start with GK, in contrast to those of other governmental and parastatal organizations.

The number plates begin with a number followed by letters and finally end with a number. The letter in the middle is the service abbreviation. KA – is for Kenya Army, KN – For Kenya Navy, and KAF is for Kenya Airforce.

It is important to note that National Transport and safety authority (NTSA) skipped the Number plate KDF.

Kenya Army Number plate

10. Trailer Plates (Kenya Number Plates)

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably observed that trailers receive their own plate numbers from the engine truck. Equally essential, it is because a trailer can haul different trailers continually. Plates have distinctive yellow writing that starts with Z and is followed by numeric digits.

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11. Motorbikes, Tricycle and Heavy Machinery

Motorcycles now use the KMCA series;

Heavy Machinery uses the “KHMA” series;

Tricycle uses the KTWC series.

Motorbikes, Tricycles (Tuktuks), and Heavy machinery have a unique plate with a yellow background written with four-letter plates black in color.

12. Other Special Kenya Number Plates

There are other number sequences that are used in Kenya.

  1. The Speaker of the National Assembly uses SNA;
  2. The Speaker of the Senate uses SS;
  3. The Chief Justice uses CJ;
  4. Kenya Agricultural Institute – KAI;
  5. Vehicle Dealers Number plate series – KG. The plates have a green background with white letters.
Special Number plate

Did you know?

When did you realize that a vehicle’s age determines the shape of its license plate? The rear number plate on showroom cars has a rectangular shape with digits written across the entire plate. Last but not least, imported used cars have a square rear license plate with two rows of digits.

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