How to become Certified as a Security Risk Management Professional (SRMP) in 3 Steps.

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Safety and Security management is central to the successful coordination and implementation of humanitarian and international development programs. It is therefore vital that staff with security risk management responsibilities are supported with high-quality, up-to-date Security Risk Management training, and the necessary tools to perform their role fully and to the best of their ability.

Security Risk Management
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Security Risk Management Professional Training introduces staff members of national and international organizations to the most recent and relevant safety and security best practices, organizational approaches, methods, and tools.

The course is designed to develop the Security Risk Management capacities of individuals and organizations, in order to enhance the safety and security of their field personnel and programs.

The following free online courses will help you in preparation and exams for Security Risk Management Professional Certification. 


  1. Introduction to Risk Management

Learn about Risk Management, and the different categories and essential terminology, tools, and approaches.

This free online Introduction to Risk Management course from Alison will teach you the essential terminologies, categories of risks, and risk management approaches and tools that you can apply to your organization.

Introduction to Risk Management

Risk management helps identify, assess, and manage problems and is essential for the success of any business. With this course, you will get to know useful information about risk management that will serve you well in your career.

By the end of this course, you Will Learn How To:

  • Define Risk Management and discuss examples.
  • Describe different types of risk exposure.
  • Summarize perils and hazards associated with managing risk.
  • Discuss the importance of risk management methodology, to businesses and individuals.
  • Identify common organizational risks and create risk maps using a severity and frequency grid, to communicate the importance of each risk.
  • Compute the frequency and severity of losses.
  • Forecast risk management measures and conduct a cost-benefit analysis for loss control.
  • Explain risk transfer, avoidance, and retention.
  • Describe solutions suggested by a risk management matrix.

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  1. Diploma in Risk Management

This free online course will give you a full and comprehensive run-through of risk management procedures and practices.

This free online risk management course will help you identify perils and hazards and improve your skills in managing risk. Risk management is essential for the success of every business as it helps identify, assess, and manage financial problems at every turn.

The course will teach you why there is a need for risk management tools as well as the main steps of risk management that every business professional needs to know.

In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Define risk from a wide variety of perspectives
  • List the various processes that risk professionals engage in to identify and mitigate risk
  • Describe the process that insurers go through when insuring an exposure
  • Describe the basic requirements and characteristics of insurance contracts
  • Describe the range of risks that List the various risks that global corporations face
  • State and define the most common sources of liability in society
  • Define the risks that all individuals face throughout the life cycle
  • Discuss the various ways in which life cycle risks can be mitigated
  1. Security Risk Management Professional (SRMP) Certification

In partnership with International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA), DisasterReady offers Security Risk Management Professional Certifications at the Country level (SRMP-C) and Regional level (SRMP-R) – at no cost.​

Start earning your certification and demonstrate the necessary competence to perform safely and effectively as a Security Risk Management Professional.

Security Risk Management Professional Certificate
Security Risk Management Professional Certificate [Courtesy]
What You Will Learn

The INSSA Security Risk Management Professional Program includes two certifications:

The Country level certification exam is more tactical and is designed for security focal points and security management with a mandate for one country office.

After becoming certified at the Country level, you will be eligible to take the Regional level certification exam which is more strategic and applies to security management with responsibility for more than one country office.

The exams assess competency in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Principles, Policies, and Protocols
  • Leadership, Management, and Implementation
  • Critical Incident Response

DisasterReady offers free resources to help you prepare and maintain certification as an NGO Security Risk Management Professional.

The exams are free and provided in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Translations in French and Spanish were made possible through generous donations from CRS and Lockton Companies.

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