President Ruto And Raila Odinga Agree To Peaceful Negotiations

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Azimio leader Raila Odinga has called off nationwide mass action in an address to the nation. This comes after President William Ruto addressed the country and urged Raila to end the protests so that there would be time for negotiations.

Kenya’s President William Ruto

In response, Raila, who spoke to the country on Sunday from his office in the capital, described Ruto’s remarks as “important” and a “positive” development.

“We accept Mr. Ruto’s offer of dialogue on the important topics brought up by Azimio La Umoja. This is a good move in our opinion. said Raila.

“In my opinion, Kenya is currently experiencing its worst crisis in decades, from which we may either recoup or fall victim to other failed states.

Raila Odinga

The protests will not take place on Monday or Thursday this week, according to Raila, in order to accommodate Ruto’s thoughtful act and to open up a dialogue about the problems brought up.

“We want to strengthen our democracy and we want to make sure that the commission announces how Kenyans vote.”

Raila Odinga

The procedure should begin as soon as tomorrow, and we are prepared to do so without engaging in any corruption.

If there is no significant improvement after a week, Raila forewarned, the mass protests will restart.

In a speech to the country on Sunday from State House Nairobi, the President declared his willingness to dialogue with any leader.

He declared that as long as Ruto and his team are prepared, they are eager to participate.

He stated, “Our stance is that we want to engage our brothers and sisters on the other side on issues that are important to Kenyans, them as an opposition, and us as a government.

However, he insisted that the discussions must be founded on sincere considerations rooted in the system of law.

My door still remains open for honest, impartial, and sincere discussions based on the rule of law and the Constitution.”

– President Ruto

In line with the requirements of the legislation and the Constitution, he recommended a bipartisan discussion in Parliament about the IEBC panel’s reconstitution.

“I beg Raila and the opposition to end the protest and adopt a bipartisan strategy so that we can move Kenya forward.”

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Ruto claimed that after hearing the ODM leader’s concerns, he decided it was best to soften his hardline attitude for the sake of the nation.

“I have carefully listened to the issues raised by my friend Raila Odinga. In times like these, it is not about who is right or who is wrong. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak but it is also what it takes to sit down and listen,” he said.

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The President stated that the appointment of the IEBC commissioners is one of the topics that will be revisited to take into account the opposition’s viewpoints.

He sent the issue back to the legislature for a bipartisan strategy to find an impartial resolution.

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