Marketable Approved CBET Courses to Enroll in 2023

marketable approved CBET courses
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There are a lot of marketable approved CBET courses that one can enroll in 2023. The list could be endless!

What is CBET?

According to UNESCO, CBET stands for “Competency-Based Education and Training“. It refers to an approach to education and training that focuses on the acquisition of practical skills and competencies that are directly relevant to the workplace.

An approach to vocational education and training in which skills, knowledge and attitudes are specified in order to define, steer and help to achieve competence standards, mostly within a kind of national qualifications framework.


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What is the Primary Objective of CBET Courses?

CBET programs aim to prepare learners for specific jobs or roles, by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to perform effectively in their chosen field.

CBET emphasizes a hands-on, experiential learning approach that is typically delivered through practical, work-based learning opportunities and assessments.

CBET programs are often developed in close collaboration with employers and industry representatives to ensure that the skills and competencies taught are relevant and up-to-date with current workplace needs.

Importance of Marketable Approved CBET Courses

The authority governing marketable approved CBET courses

Enrolling in marketable approved CBET courses can be an excellent way to enhance career opportunities and develop the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

These courses are designed to teach learners the most in-demand skills and competencies in their chosen field, ensuring that they are well-prepared to meet the needs of employers.

By enrolling in a marketable approved CBET course, learners can gain a competitive advantage in the job market, as employers are always on the lookout for individuals who have the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Top Marketable Approved CBET Courses to Enroll Globally

There are many different CBET courses available, but some of the most in-demand courses include:

  1. Medical Equipment Technology – This CBET course focuses on training individuals to service and maintain medical equipment, such as X-ray machines, CT scanners, and MRI machines. Medical equipment technology is a highly specialized field, and individuals who complete this CBET course are in high demand in the healthcare industry.
  2. Cybersecurity – With the increasing frequency of data breaches and cyber attacks, cybersecurity has become an essential skill in today’s digital age. This CBET course teaches individuals how to protect computer systems and networks from security threats.
  3. Renewable Energy – As the world becomes more focused on sustainability, renewable energy has become an essential skill. This CBET course teaches individuals how to design, install, and maintain renewable energy systems, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Choosing the Right CBET Course

Are you intending to enroll in a CBET course? Make the right decision today.

When choosing a CBET course, it’s important to consider factors such as your career goals and interests.

It’s also crucial to select a course that is in high demand in the job market, to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge needed to stand out in a competitive job market.

Additionally, it’s important to choose a reputable institution that offers quality training and a recognized certification upon completion of the course.

How to Enroll in a CBET Course in Kenya

To enroll in a CBET course, you can typically find a list of available courses on the website of the institution offering the training.

Source: A & S

There are different types of CBET courses available, including online and in-person options.

Online CBET courses can be a flexible and convenient option for individuals who have work or family commitments, while in-person courses offer more hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

List of Approved CBET Courses in Kenya

According to tveta.go.ke, CBET courses are meant to build the foundation of technical skills among the learners in Kenya.

The following table provides the list of marketable approved CBET courses in Kenya:

1.       Aeronautical engineering- airframes and power plantTVET CDACC6
2.       Aeronautical engineering-Avionics optionTVET CDACC6
3.       Agricultural engineeringTVET CDACC6
4.       Agricultural ExtensionTVET CDACC6
5.       Agriculture ExtensionTVET CDACC4
6.       Agriculture Machinery and equipmentTVET CDACC4
7.       AgripreneurshipTVET CDACC3
8.       AgripreneurshipTVET CDACC4
9.       AgripreneurshipTVET CDACC5
10.   AgripreneurshipTVET CDACC6
11.   Air cargo managementTVET CDACC6
12.   Airport operations managementTVET CDACC6
13.   Animation and digital mediaTVET CDACC6
14.   Apiary attendantTVET CDACC4
15.   ApicultureTVET CDACC5
16.   ApicultureTVET CDACC6
17.   Apiculture (Bee Technology)TVET CDACC6
18.   Apiculture (Bee Technology)TVET CDACC5
19.   Applied statisticsTVET CDACC6
20.   AquacultureTVET CDACC3
21.   AquacultureTVET CDACC4
22.   AquacultureTVET CDACC5
23.   AquacultureTVET CDACC6
24.   Architectural draftsmanshipTVET CDACC5
25.   Architectural technologyTVET CDACC6
26.   Autobody Technology (Cooperative training)TVET CDACC6
27.   Automotive EngineeringTVET CDACC6
28.   Automotive MechanicTVET CDACC3
29.   Automotive Mechatronics (Cooperative Training)TVET CDACC6
30.   Automotive TechnicianTVET CDACC5
31.   Baking TechnologyTVET CDACC3
32.   Baking TechnologyTVET CDACC4
33.   Baking TechnologyTVET CDACC5
34.   Baking TechnologyTVET CDACC6
35.   Baking Technology- cake decorationTVET CDACC5
36.   Baking Technology- pastry productionTVET CDACC3
37.   Baking Technology- production of yeast productsTVET CDACC3
38.   Bank clericTVET CDACC6
39.   BartenderTVET CDACC4
40.   Beauty therapyTVET CDACC3
41.   Beauty therapyTVET CDACC4
42.   Beauty therapyTVET CDACC5
43.   Beauty therapyTVET CDACC6
44.   Bee hive and bee equipment constructionTVET CDACC4
45.   Bee products and processingTVET CDACC4
46.   BiotechnicianTVET CDACC6
47.   Bio-technicianTVET CDACC6
48.   BiotechnologyTVET CDACC5
49.   Broadcast JournalismTVET CDACC6
50.   Building artisan (masonry)TVET CDACC4
51.   Building technicianTVET CDACC6
52.   Business Management OS & Curriculum Level – 5TVET CDACC5
53.   Business Management OS & Curriculum Level – 6TVET CDACC6
54.   Carpentry and joineryTVET CDACC5
55.   Carpentry and joiningTVET CDACC4
56.   CartographyTVET CDACC6
57.   Ceramics artisanTVET CDACC3
58.   Ceramics artisanTVET CDACC4
59.   Ceramics technologyTVET CDACC6
60.   Certified Pension ManagementTVET CDACC6
61.   Chemical EngineeringTVET CDACC6
62.   Child protectionTVET CDACC6
63.   Christian ministerTVET CDACC6
64.   Christian MinistryTVET CDACC6
65.   Community healthTVET CDACC4
66.   Community healthTVET CDACC6
67.   Computer applicationsTVET CDACC3
68.   Construction ManagementTVET CDACC6
69.   Construction plantTVET CDACC6
70.   Cooperative managementTVET CDACC5
71.   Cooperative ManagementTVET CDACC6
72.   Corporate governanceTVET CDACC6
73.   Counselling psychologyTVET CDACC5
74.   Counselling PsychologyTVET CDACC6
75.   Credit ManagementTVET CDACC6
76.   Credit managerTVET CDACC6
77.   Credit officerTVET CDACC5
78.   Credit OfficerTVET CDACC5
79.   Criminal justice managementTVET CDACC6
80.   Culinary Arts LevelTVET CDACC3
81.   Culinary Arts LevelTVET CDACC6
82.   Cyber SecurityTVET CDACC6
83.   Dairy Farm ManagementTVET CDACC3
84.   Dairy Farm ManagementTVET CDACC4
85.   Dairy Farm ManagementTVET CDACC5
86.   Dairy Farm ManagementTVET CDACC6
87.   Dairy Plant ManagementTVET CDACC4
88.   Dairy Plant ManagementTVET CDACC5
89.   Dairy Plant ManagementTVET CDACC6
90.   Dairy processingTVET CDACC4
91.   Distribution salesTVET CDACC3
92.   Distribution salesTVET CDACC5
93.   Electrical Engineering (Power Option)TVET CDACC6
94.   Electrical InstallationTVET CDACC3
95.   Electrical InstallationTVET CDACC5
96.   Electrical InstallationTVET CDACC6
97.   Electrical InstallationTVET CDACC4
98.   Electrical Operation (Power Option)TVET CDACC5
99.   Environmental managementTVET CDACC6
100.          Environmental ScienceTVET CDACC6
Source: TVETA.go.ke

Find more CBET courses here:

The courses listed above are not final, the list is endless. The examining body for most of the courses above is TVET CDACC.

You can find their respective institution on the TVETA website.

Summary About CBET Courses

Enrolling in marketable approved CBET courses can be an excellent way to develop the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

By choosing the right CBET course and enrolling in a reputable institution, learners can gain a competitive advantage in the job market and be well-prepared to meet the needs of employers.

With the right training and certification, individuals can take the first steps toward a rewarding and successful career.

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